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Last Day 2013 - Meca and Dad 

Norman & Meca Atkinson

Here is a panorama of the welcome/office area of the Lamprey House Museum taken on our last day open. October 13,2013


December 9, 2013

Holiday Get Together


at the Moultonborough Public Library


We all had a great time telling Holiday stories, snacking on goodies, and singing Christmas songs.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made it a fun little event.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Moultonborough Turned 250 Years Old

On November 17th 2013 the town of Moultonborough turned 250 years old.

This sign was used during the 1963, 200th Anniversary of the granting of Moultonborough.

It was made by Clark's Signs on Moultonborough

You can learn about the Granting of Moultonborough by watching this video by past MHS President Bruce Garry.

Moultonborough Granting Video


November 18, 2013

Veterans' Day

Celebrating our Veterans

Moultonborough Historical Society

Veteran’s Day Potluck Dinner

Monday, November 18

Moultonborough Life Safety Building

Thank you everyone for making it a wonderful evening for our local Veterans.

Moultonborough Hiustorical Society - Veteran's Dinner

Kathy Garry opens up the meeting and welcomes the many Veterans.

Paul Smith

Many of the Veteran's shared stories of their time in service to our country.

The people of Moultonborough outdid themselves buy bringing in lots of delicious food.

Everyone enjoyed the great food and conversation.

Listen to some of the wonderful stories from our local Veteran's
 at our dinner Honoring them.


Veterans Day Assembly at
Moultonborough Central School

On Friday November, 8th at 10:30am, Moultonborough central school held it's 16th annual Veterans day assembly to pay respect to local veterans. 


Guest speaker Rev. Paul O'Neil a veteran and pastor of Moultonborough Methodist church.  
  It was good to see members of the Moultonborough Historical Society there. Here we have Jordan Prouty and Stewart Lamprey. 
And it is always good to see Sam Perry's smiling face. ( Barbra can't be far away)    
Taps at the Veterans Day Assembly was played by Gary Torressen of Moultonborough. Mr. Torressen is the New Hampshire Director of Bugles Across America.  
After the assembly the students of MCS served the Veterans lunch of Pizza and Salad.   
  Stewart Lamprey enjoying his lunch with the other Veterans.
Along with his military service Mr. Lamprey also served many years in state politics.


Public Library Website

October Program


October 13, 2013

Wacky Songs that Made Us Laugh

By Calvin Krickerbocker


We all had some good laughs at the October Program.


Thank you Calvin Knickerbocker
For all of the Wacky Songs.
Calvin Knickerbocker

We had a great turnout at the Moultonborough Public Library

Thank you everyone.......


Wacky Songs

Brownie Troop 10093 Visit Lamprey House Museum

Brownie Troop 10093 from Moultonborough dropped by the Lamprey House Museum for a tour and also held their meeting here in the Hamke Room.

Judy Ryerson and Meca Atkinson gave tours that also included the Middle Neck Schoolhouse.

The girls had snacks and did a craft project.

Brownies at the Moutonborough Historical Society

The Brownies have a quick snack and then off for a tour.
Meca Atkinson showing a few of the Brownie's and Norma Atkinson around the Moultonborough Historical Society.

Judy Ryerson showing the girls the old typewriter here at the Lamprey House Museum.

Troop Leader Mary Blackadar - Meca Atkinson - Norma Atkinson.

Thank you to all of the Brownies and leaders for dropping on by.......

New Volunteer at the Lamprey House Museum 

Hello there! If you’re reading this, let me introduce myself. My name is James (Jayme) Horne and I’m a volunteer at the Moultonborough Historical Society. Jayme Horne

                I’m currently a senior at Moultonborough Academy. If you’re wondering why a senior would spend his time at the Historical Society, let me tell you. I find history interesting. There’s so much to learn, even about our little town. But, that’s not the only reason why I’m helping out. I plan going to school and studying art history, and hopefully landing a job as a curator in an art museum or gallery. I decided that Moultonborough’s very own Historical Society would be a great place to dip my toes into the water and see if the museum work style was meant for me.

  While I’m here, I plan on learning more about Moultonborough’s history and more about the museum workforce. I am so lucky to have been able to have this opportunity to volunteer at the Moultonborough Historical Society.

Monte Carlo Night 2013

Monte Night 2013

Is Now In The History Books and a Huge Success

.Everyone had a great time at our 4th Annual Monte Carlo Night. With great food by Magic Food Productions" owners of, The Canoe and O's Steakhouse.  As well as an evening filled with gambling, raffles, auctions, and more.

We would like to thank all of the people and businesses that gave items for our raffles and auctions. Also Monte Carlo Night would not of been possible without all of the hard work of all of our members and volunteers.


A special THANK YOU to Tracey Russet, Mary Lamprey Bare, and Fran Vincent who all went the extra mile to make it all happen.

Click Here are some pictures from Monte Carlo Night 2013.

New Video Display Tells History of the Goodwin Safe.

Meca and I have put together a new video display here at the Museum.

In the video Meca tells us some of the history of the safe that was donated to the Moultonborough Historical Society by Joanne and Paul Cummings. 

The safe was donated in September and is now located in the old kitchen area oh the Lamprey House Museum.

 Meca also shows you how to open an old safe.

 We are looking forward to adding more interactive content to the museum in the coming years.

Meca Atkinson Kids Corner Safe DVD Player


A Hugh Success - A Lot of Fun

Thank You to everyone who helped to make the night so much fun. Here are a couple of pictures from the night.



P. O. Box 433 - Rollinsford, NH 03869

We had a packed house.
Sam and Barbra Perry Wedding Ann. Sam and Barbra Perry.
Tracey and Mary getting ready for the raffles.
Get a Clue Productions I believe that all of our prayers for a fun evening came to pass.
Plenty of Action.....
And Yes..... There was a MURDER.
I think that everyone had a FUN evening.....
Time for a little scripture....
and a little flirting....
A little action at all of the tables.
Welcome to
Magic Food Catering We would like to thank all of the people from "Magic Food Catering" for doing such a great job.
Mary Lamprey Bare and her crew made the rooms look wonderful.

Doing Some Research on Local History?

Check out our new RESEARCH PAGE with many searchable documents. It is a work in progress so check back often.


The Town Register Cover



Ralph E Goodwin Safe Sept 3 2013

The Moultonborough Historical Society received a very special gift this week. A safe that was used in the Old Country Store, then known as  "Ralph E. Goodwin General Merchandise". The Goodwin 's owned the store in the years between about 1930 and 1953. The safe was purchased in June of 1915 and sent here to Moultonboro.

We would like to thank Joanne and Paul Cummings for this wonderful donation.

Letter from "The Victor Safe & Lock Co." to R. E. Goodwin, dated June 12, 1915.The letter contains information on how to open the safe. (Click on the picture to see a larger copy)

We would also like to thank Richard and George Plaisted as well as Norman Atkinson for all of the hard work moving the safe to the Museum from the old Marion Goodwin home.

Moultonborough Historical Society Safe

"James French
His Place in Town History"

Presented by Judy Ryerson

James French


Store owner, town clerk, moderator, school board chair, Postmaster,
state legislator, state senator,
railroad commissioner, Mason,
Justice off the Peace, lawyer, insurance man, Grange member,
church member,
library trustee, donor off the public library.

 Thank you Judy for a wonderful evening at the Lamprey House Museum

Judy Ryreson - Moultonborough Historical Society 1

We now have Judy's presentation online. Watch it by clicking on the screen below. It is 43 minutes long. Thank You Judy.


MHS Kids Corner with Meca
Meca Atkinson - Kids Corner

Meca wanted to do something to help get kids interested in local history so we decided to do short videos showing stuff of interest to kids. This is her first video on how to use an old typewriter. 
Please let Meca and Dad know what you think and if you have any ideas on future shows.

~~Meca & Dad~~

Meca has a new video out. Number 6

October 1, 2013 - "Interview with Norman R. Atkinson"

In this episode of Kids Corner, Meca does her first interview. She interviews the Director of the Lamprey House Museum and her Dad - Norman Atkinson.


MHS's Kids Corner - "How to Open a Safe" with Meca Atkinson
Sept. 11, 2013

Here is the first of Meca's Youtube videos.
In this first video Meca shows us
"How to use an old fashioned typewriter."

We will be adding more videos over the rest of the year. Just follow the link below to check out the new videos as they are added.

MHS Kids Corner


Here is the second of Meca's Kids Corner Youtube videos.
In this second video Meca shows us
"Pat Lamprey's Grey Dollhouse."


August 14, 2013 - "Horseboat Treadmill at the Emerson Barn"

In this episode of Kids Corner Meca talks about the history of horseboat on Lake Winnipesaukee. The Moultonborough Historical Society has one of only a few remaining horse treadmills left in the counntry.



8/29/2013 - The Middle Neck School House


Long Lost Historic Paper Found

Private Clinton Shaw's Discharge Paper From June 21st, 1865

We just found private Clinton Shaw's discharge papers from the Civil War on June 21st, 1965. Click on the picture below to see a larger copy of the document. You can learn more about Private Shaw by following this link. Private Clinton Shaw Page

Private Clinton A Shaw's Discharge paper from June 21st, 1865

New Webpage

The History of Moultonborough 1600 - 1930

"The 1985-1986 school year found the Moultonborough Central School's Sixth Grade involved in compiling a historical time-line of Moultonborough."

"A period of five months was required to compile information for the time-line. The tedious task of researching material, which parents, friends, and Mr. Lange graciously loaned, challenged the students immensely. The organization, writing, rewriting, and editing proved a worthwhile learning experience."

"The students hope that this historical document will provide enjoyment for those who would like to learn more about their community."

You can view or download and save the complete file here.

The History of Moultonborough 1600 - 1930.pdf

6th Grade Essays

"THE WIGGIN FAMILY" by Jason Wiggin - May 1987
(PDF file 1.92 MB)

"Back in Time With The WHOM" by Heidi Vittum - May 26, 1995
(PDF File 2.09MB)

"The History on Moultonborough" by Raymond Mudgett - May 1,1987
(PDF file 4.21 MB)


We will be adding more of the 6th grade essays on Moultonborough and it's history. Follow the link below to go to the 6th Grade Essays Webpage.

6th Grade Essays Website

4th of July Parade - Moultonborough, NH - 2013

Did you miss the 4th of July parade here in Moultonborough? You can now watch it now  on Youtube.

It was nice to see everyone at the Lamprey House Museum for the 4th of July Parade.

"My Memories Of Growing Up In Moultonborough" 

We had a wonderful evening at the old Moultonborough Town House sharing memories about growing up in Moultonborough.

Moultonborough Historical Society Panelists June 10 2013

The panel included Mary Lamprey Bare, Mr. Mathew Blood, Mr. Richard Young, Mr. Richard Wakefield, and Mr. Nat King.

Mary Lamprey Bare

Mary Lamprey Bare showing some pictures from our past.

We would like to thank our panelists and those who helped make the evening possible.


"Growing Up In Moultonborough" Youtube Video.


Oral Histories and Audio Files New
Listen to files from our Audio Archives as well as interviews and Oral Histories.

The Moultonborough Central School's 
First Grade class. 2013 at the Lamprey House Museum

Moultonborough Central Cshool First grade class june 11 2013

Memorial Day Parade 2013

Moultonborough, New Hampshire

Moultonborough Historical Society

We had a perfect day for the parade. The weather was just right.

We would like to thank all of the many Veterans who served from the Town of Moultonborough over the years.

You can watch the video of the parade below.

Produced for the Moultonborough Historical Society by:
Meca & Norman Atkinson

Moultonborough May Program
 Moultonborough Academy Chorus - 5/13/13

The Moultonborough Historical Society hosted a group of Moultonborough Academy music students, along with music teacher Harmony Markey, on Monday, May 13, at the Old Town House.
We would like to thank everyone for a wonderful evening..........

February 2013

Dear Members and Friends of the Moultonborough Historical Society,

During recent years we have been fortunate to have families choose to honor their loved ones by requesting that donations be made to the Moultonborough Historical Society. Through the generosity of many we have done great works to continue the vision of the preserving the rich history of Moultonborough through these memorial donations.

On January 9, 2013, Cynthia Lamprey, wife of Stewart Lamprey passed away. The family and Stewart want very much to honor Cynthia with a memorial that will honor her and make a difference for the cause chosen. Knowing that the Historical Society is at a pivotal point with regard to making necessary repairs and finishing the restoration of the Museum building, and the fact that a $20,000 line of credit balance still remains, the family felt strongly that memorials to pay off this debt would be a meaningful memorial to Cynthia. To date we have received $2375.00 donations honoring Cynthia. While you may not have known Cynthia, the family is hoping that you will consider making a tax deductible donation to MHS for the purpose of paying off the Line of Credit. Honor Cynthia or send a donation to honor someone in your family, a friend or business associate.

The Line of Credit made it possible for the first floor renovations at the Moutlonborough History Museum possible. Over the last 10 years we have slowly been making payments on the balance, but an all-out effort to take care of the debt has never been initiated. The need is great – the Executive Board and Directors feel strongly that taking care of the line of credit is holding back other repairs and renovations that are necessary to maintain the museum and our other projects.

We hope that you will consider making a donation – every dollar will count. The Museum has become a cornerstone of the village and we should be very proud of that fact and continue to make the historical complex one of the best in the State of New Hampshire.

Please send your tax deductible donation to:

The Moultonborough Historical Society
P. O. Box 659
Moultonborough, NH 03254

Donations online can also be made here on our website using our secure PayPal payment system.


Stewart Lamprey and family thank you for your kindness and hope that with your help we will be successful in this important goal. On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors of the Moultonborough Historical Society, we thank you for your generosity and support and wish you all the best in 2013.

Stewart and Cynthia Lamprey

 Chartering and Incorporation of Moultonborough


by Bruce Garry Bruce Garry MHS

Another great meeting at the Moultonborough Public Library. We had a nice turnout for Bruce and his presentation on the Chartering and Incorporation of Moultonborough.

We would especially like to thank Bruce for a great job. Bruce Garry

You can watch Bruce Garry's Presentation online below.

Watch more videos from the Moultonborough Historical Society HERE



  Lakes Region Ice Racing Club History

Presented by
Jack Cook
Jack Cook of the Lakes Region Ice Racing Club



We would like to thank Jack Cook of the Lakes Region Ice Racing Club for a great evening at the Moultonborough Public Library.
We all learned a lot and had some good laughs. THANK YOU.....


Be sure to check out their website at:



You can watch Jack's complete presentation below that we uploaded on YouTube.


Lakes Region Ice Racing ClubLatchkey Cup Logo

History of the Moultonborough Fire Department


by Chief Richard Plaisted MVFD Chief Richard Plaisted

at the

Moultonborough Public Safety Building

Moultonborough Volunteer Fire Department

We had a great time at the Moultonborough Public Safety Building enjoying a potluck supper and a presentation by Chief Plaisted.
After the potluck supper we had a short meeting then on to the main event.
Thank you Chief  Plaisted for a great time.........

Watch the complete program given by Chief Plaisted here on our website. We have it uploaded on YouTube.

You can view Chief Plaisted's Power Point Presentation below.

Want To Learn More About The Moultonborough Grange?

If you would like to learn more about the Moultonborough Grange Hall or take the online tour, please follow the link below. You will be glad you did.

Moultonborough Grange Virtual Tour


We need your continued financial support!

We Now Use
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MHS Moultonborough Bicentennial 1963


Moultonborough Historical Society


We just finished uploading a new webpage to our Moultonborough Historical Society website," MHS Moultonborough Bicentennial 1963".

It has photo's from the events as well as pictures of the display here in the Museum.


 If you can help us identify any of the people in the pictures please e-mail us at webmaster@MoultonboroughHistory.org with the information. Just tell us the number of the picture and where they are in the picture. Thanks.......


Follow the link below

" MHS Moultonborough Bicentennial 1963"



You can view the complete eight page article from the "Lakes Region Trader" about the Bicentennial by clicking on the link below.




Bob Fogg and New Hampshire's Goldern Age of Aviation

Bob Fogg and New Hampshire’s Golden Age of Aviation includes:

Forgotten History of Lake Winnipesaukee

Exploits of New Hampshire’s pioneers of aviation

Hundreds of historic photos of New Hampshire’s classic planes and pilots-

many never before published.

“Bob Fogg and New Hampshire’s Golden Age of Aviation” tells the story of the Granite State’s true pioneer of aviation, and includes many previously unpublished images of airplanes and aviators of the 1920s and 1930s. Bob Fogg brought aviation to Concord and the Weirs in the early ‘20s and he and his pilots introduced flying to a whole generation that grew up in that time period. For those interested in the history of the Lakes Region, it describes the seaplane base that was a prominent feature of the Weirs boardwalk from 1923 until the early 1950s, and the planes that hopped passengers from many lakeside resorts throughout New Hampshire. Classic Wacos, Travel Airs, Beech Staggerwings and Sikorsky amphibians that once plied the blue skies over Lake Winnipesaukee come to life again in the pages of this fascinating history.

 About the author

Jane Rice, her Father (Lyman Rice), and their dog Ripper, with a Waco biplane her dad built in the 1960's. Jane Rice and father Lyman Rice

Thanks to her father, Jane Rice was exposed to the antique airplane hobby from a young age. There was a grass airstrip in the back yard of her home on Parade Road in Laconia, NH, just up the hill from the Weirs, and a variety of old airplanes in the hangar over the years. Although she never learned to fly, she has always been interested in the historical side of aviation, which led her to investigate the history of the Weirs Seaplane Base, where her grandfather was in the seaplane business with Bob Fogg in the 1930s.

You can order Jane's book here from us by using PayPal. Just click on the "Buy Now" bottom below. Books also can be purchesed at the Lamprey House Museum.

$20.00 plus $5.00 Shipping costs. 

You can also find it at Bayswater Bookstore in Center Harbor, Innisfree Bookstore in Meredith, and the Country Bookseller in Wolfeboro.

MSS Mount Washington with a seaplane

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Post Card History of Moultonborough

by Dick Wakefield

at the
Moultonborough Public Library

Thank you Dick and Mary for a great evening thought the eyes of old postcards of Moultonborough.

Dick Wakefield

Dick Wakefield

Click here to go to the "A Postcard History of Moultonborough" webpage.

A Postcard History of Moultonborough - YouTube Video

You can watch Mr. Wakefield's complete presentation below. Click on the screen icon on the lower right of the YouTube video to watch in full screen.


  Moultonborough Historical Society Grange Cook Book
We have just added a new item to our online collection. We have scanned an old cook book from the Moultonborough Grange. If anyone could help us date the cook book would be a great help.
We hope you will look through it and look for names from our past and maybe even try some of the recipes.

Compiled by Members of
Moultonboro Grange, No. 197

Moultonboro, New Hampshir

Click here to view the cook book.

Moultonborough Cemetery Records

New webpage added to our website. Click Here

We have just started to add these cemetery records to our website. We do offer a more complete record in the form of two books.
"The Cemetery Records of Moultonborough New Hampshire"
"The Cemetery Records of Moultonborough New Hampshire - First Supplement 1988-2003"
Both books are available for sale here on our website and at the Moultonborough Historical Society Museum.

The files below are
Downloadable PDF Files.

Moultonborough Graves of Special Interest

Moultonborough Cemeteries      as of 12/2003

Holland Hill Cemetery

Middle Neck Cemetery


The Claude Rains Grave Site in Moultonborough


 Of the Lamprey House, Middle Neck School House, and Old Moultonborough Town House

The software used is from Microsoft and is called Photosynth. You might need to download a small Microsoft program called Silverlight to view the picture in 3D.

Click on the picture and move your mouse to move around the room.


The HAMKE ROOM at the Lamprey House Museum




The Emerson Barn - Sept. 3. 2011

You can see even more Panoramas by clicking on our

Local Panoramas (Microsoft Photosynth)  Page.

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Moultonborough Public Library


The  Moultonborough Historical Society would like to thank the Moultonborough Public Library for co-sponsoring several of this year's programs. We also are grateful for the use of the meeting room for our spring & fall meetings!

Check out their website by clicking on the link below.


Public Library Website


The mission of the Moultonborough Historical Society is to:


• preserve the history and character of the Town of Moultonborough,

• share our buildings, collections and resources with the community through research, exhibitions and educational programs, and

• inspire our members and future generations to appreciate our rich heritage.
Betsy Ross

The Moultonborough Historical Society’s ongoing project is the Museum. This is the result of meticulous, concentrated attention to detail from a dedicated group of historic-minded individuals along with generous monetary contributions from our year-round residents and very generous property owners from around the country.



Old Moultonboro


Moultonborough was granted in 1763 and was incorporated on November 24, 1777. The town is nestled among the hills on the north side of Lake Winnipesaukee in Carroll County. Surrounded by the Ossipee Mountains and Red Hill, the area offers year-round scenic beauty. The town was one of the earliest resort towns in NH. Today our economy is driven by the same factors the early settlers depended on - the woods and the lake.

In the early 1800’s, while the town was still growing, Moultonborough had one meetinghouse, nine school-houses, two taverns, one store, five sawmills, five grain mills, one cloth mill, one bark mill, one carding machine and one tannery. Moultonborough Falls (on Route 25) was also a center of trade and could boast three stores, two hotels, a tannery, a currier’s shop, a blacksmith, a gristmill, sawmill, carding and fulling mill, sleigh and carriage maker, saddle and harness maker, a printing office and shoe shop.

Our town has certainly changed and grown. We are proud of our heritage and hope you will visit our Museum and learn more about our history.


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