6th Grade Essays

The History of Moultonborough 1600 - 1930

An Introduction

The 1985-1986 school year found the Moultonborough Central School's Sixth Grade involved in compiling a historical time-line of Moultonborough.

A period of five months was required to compile information for the time-line. The tedious task of researching material, which parents, friends, and Mr. Lange graciously loaned, challenged the students immensely. The organization, writing, rewriting, and editing proved a worthwhile learning experience.

The students hope that this historical document will provide enjoyment for those who would like to learn more about their community.

The following students should be commended for their initial reseach of Moultonborough:

Kerri. Ames
Robin Burrows
Missy Long
Chad and Thad Richardson
Heather Rosenfeldt
The following students should be complimented for their participation in the time-line:

Michelle Allard           Todd Keyser

Peter Beede           Greg Kozlowski

Paula Burbank           Erin Lovett

Ray Campanile           Kara-Beth Oliver

Kathy Constabile           T.J. O'Neil

Tricia Davis           Billy Pelletier

Kim Devine           Danielle Ranks

Richard Dionne           Heidi Straight

James Dorr           Bethany Svenson

Helen Ferrante           Dennis Shaw

Amy Flanders           Peter Swett

Seth Green           Melissa Tinder

Pam Hannett           Alison Tirone

Kim Heath           Heather Willette

Chris Huot           Kara Kelley


The assistance of Mr. Phillip Lange, 6th grade teacher, his collection of historical data, and his expertise on the computer, provided the students a most enlightening and rewarding experience.

The Sixth Grade Class cf 1986 would like to dedicate this time-line of Moultonborough to all of the caring residents who wish to preserve the history of Moultonborough.

Harry Blood

Sixth Grade Teacher

You can view or download and save the complete file here.

The History of Moultonborough 1600 - 1930.pdf

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