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Moultonborough Bi-Centennial

JULY 5-6-7, 1963

Moultonboro Looks Back on 200 Years


          MOULTONBORO- A three-day bicentennial celebration will be held here on July 5, 6, and 7, complete with parades, games, suppers and fireworks.

          Beginning Friday morning, July 5, and running through to late Sunday night, the town will celebrate its 200th anniversary. A fireworks display will conclude the celebration at nine p.m., Sunday, July 7.

          Featured during the first day of festivities are a tour of historical landmarks, a bicycle and carriage parade, and the bicentennial ball. There will be another parade Saturday morning and a costume dance at 8:30 Saturday night.

          Following Church services Sunday, there will be a water sports show and a bar-b-que, followed by a hymn sing and finally ending with the fireworks.

          An important feature of the three-day festival will be the sale of a booklet, compiled by Helen Sturtevant Matthews, that traces the history of the town from its earliest beginnings to the turn of this century.

          In the booklet, Mrs. Matthews describes the early settlement and development of the town—beginning with some of the first known explorers in the area.

          She tells of the early beginnings of schools and churches, and points out some of the oldest houses still standing in town.

          The town first received its charter in 1763, although several settlers moved into the area some time before that date. The town was not incorporated, however, until 1777.

          At one time, Moultonboro also included the present-day towns of New Hampton and Center Harbor, which was known as the "Moultonborough Addition."


          In 1777, the Addition was incorporated into the town of New Hampton, and two years later was divided again when Center Harbor was incorporated.

          There were 24 families in the town in 1770, and four of these were in the Addition. The population increased steadily, reaching a peak of about 1800 people in the 1840's, and beginning a slow decline after that.


          Mr. Matthew's booklet explains this increase in the number of people living in Moultonborough and the following decline, listing reasons for both.

          The year-round population is presently just under 1000, although vacationists increase this figure considerably during the summer months.


          Plans for the bicentennial celebration began months ago, under the direction of bicentennial committee. Several meetings were held with various interested townspeople, and gradually, a program was worked out.

           From the first tour of historical sites on July 5, sponsored by the Moultonboro Historical Society, to the fireworks display that signals the end of the celebration, the town will be filled with festive activity.

Thousands of people are expected to visit the town and participate in its 200th birthday.



Moultonboro History To Be on Sale

"Moultonborough, to the 20th Century,"
a history of the town of Moultonboro, compiled by Mrs. Helen Matthews, who also did most of the writing in it, will be on sale at the Historical Society Building in Moultonboro village during the bicentennial celebration, as well as many business places after the celebration.


(Moultonborough to the 20th century - is available in the Moultonborough Historical Societies Online Book Store.)

Moultonborough to the 20th century

Moultonborough – To the 20th Century

Granted 1763

50 year anniversary in 2013


Moultonborough Historical Society

Bicentennial Issue



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You can view the complete eight page article from the "Lakes Region Trader" by clicking on the link below.
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Lakes Region Trader Wed. june 26 1963

Moultonborough Bicentennial display

Moultonborough Historical Society - Bicentennial Display

This is the display case with our Moultonborough Bicentennial display.


Items in the Display Case

Bicentennial Year
The Town of

Moultonborough Historical Society Ernest Berry
Bicentennial Year
The Town of

Moultonborough Historical Society
Bicentennial Pin
1763 - 1963
Moultonboro, N. H.

Bicentennial Pins

  Moultonborough Bicentennial Photo Album

by Gordon King of Meredith NH

We have scanned in all of the photographs from the Gordon King Album. Now we need to find out who is in the different photographs.

If you can help us identify any of the people please e-mail us at with the information.
Just tell us the number of the picture and where they are. Thanks.......

Bicentennial photo album

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Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963  
Open House - Historical Society Display and Open House
Coffee Hour
Friday, July 5, 1964   2:00pm
1.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963

On the left, part of Fred Lester Taylor, husband of Adele.  2nd left is Horace Richardson. 4th from left is Mrs. Clara Perkins, Horace`s sister.

Bicycle and Carriage Parade Friday, July 5, 1964   2:00pm
2,Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 3,Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
  Norma & Norman Atkinson
4,Moultonborough Historical Society 5.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Sharon Clifford Left - Sharon Clifford. Andrea Colburn. Norma Jean Atkinson
6.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
.   Kenny Smith, George Lamprey, Michele Colburn
Baseball Game

Friday, July 5, 1963 - 3:00pm
8.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Bi-Centennial Ball - Glen Brown Orchestra Friday, July 5, 1963 - 8:00pm to 12 Midnite
9.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 10.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Lawrence "Red" Porter,  Jane (Simms) Akers , David Tower. Lawrence "Red" Porter - David Tower, Jane (Simms) Akers
Parade Saturday, July 6, 1963 - 10:00am
11.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 12.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Officer Harold Tilton directing traffic.  
13.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 14.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Robert Lamprey, Jr. with the American Flag. Granite State Highlanders of Dover.
15.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 16.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
17.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 18.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Pat Packard  
19.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 20.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
21.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 22.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
23.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 24.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Girls from the Water Ski Sports Show at Long Island Beach by the Hochflieger Ski Club. Sunday July 7.
 Picture taken at the end of Blake Rd. on Rt. 25.
Moultonborough Methodist Church

Church Fair

July 6, 1963  5:30PM
25.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Bean Supper - Moultonborough Methodist Church

July 6, 1963  5:30PM
26.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Costume Dance

July 6, 1963  8:30PM
27.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
  2nd and 3rd from the left are Austin and Pauline (Smith) Morrill. 6th and 7th from left are Sonya Smith Colburn and Mark T. "Joe" Colburn, age 27.
28.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 29.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Miss Ethel Smith - Bicentennial Queen Dick and Louise LaPlante
Church Services
Moultonborough Methodist Church
Sunday July 7, 1963  AM
30.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 31.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Rev. Edwin Gordon in the Pulpit and Clara Perkins at the organ. Gentleman on front right possibly Lester Taylor. Rev. Edwin Gordon in the Pulpit
Bar-B-Q Long Island Beach Sunday July 7, 1963 - 5:00pm
32.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 33.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
34.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963  
Lawrence "Red" Porter  
Center Harbor Band
at the
Moultonborough Public Library
35.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963 36.Moultonborough Bi Centennial 1963
Newspaper article from July 11, 1963
Found in a scrapbook made by Adel Taylor.

"Moultonboro Hosts Hundreds During Bicentennial Celebration"

Adel Tayor Scrapbook Moultonborough Bicentennial
(Click on picture to enlarge.)