Moultonborough Fire Department 1934


Moultonborough Fire Department - 1934 to Present    

  Moultonborough Fire Department 1934

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Front Row:  Bob Lamprey Sr., Ralph Merrill, John Randall, Harold Frye, Paul Blanchard, Walter Rollo

 Back Row: Harvey Moulton, Burleigh Moulton, Ralph Goodwin, Richard Moulton, Fred Stevens, Lyle Davis

 Photo Taken by:  Mary Hunter Lamprey (July 1934)   Photo# MHS 5040

Moultonboro Volunteer Fire Department
Celebrating 50 Years of Community Service
1933 - 1983

Moultonboro Volunteer Fire Dept golden jubilee

You can read the 36 page booklet, produced in 1983 by the Moultonboro Volunteer Fire Department and printed for the 50th anniversary of the department.

Booklet Cover

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A Tribute to a Fireman

MVFD Members 1983

MVFD 1983 members

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1937 -  Moultonborough Fire Department Firetruck

Moultonborough Firetruck 1937

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