Moultonborough Historical Society

Old Home Day August 7, 2011

Our 5th Annual Old Home Day, a Huge Success.


And a Special THANK YOU to all of our members who worked long and hard
 to make it a success.

We would like to thank everyone who participated with "Old Home Day". From our famous Bake Sale, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Face Painting, Art Show, Vintage Car Display, Music and more.
It was a whole lot of fun for everyone involved.

August 6, 2011

 The Moultonborough Historical Society Honors

 Life Member

 Judith Ryerson

 With deep appreciation for your many years of dedicated service to the Moultonborough Historical Society and the Town of Moultonborough We thank you for sharing your time, talents and passion for preserving our history and historic buildings. In large part because  ' of your efforts over the years, serving on the building and restoration committees, the Moultonborough History Museum at the Lamprey House has become a reality. We thank you for the many hours you have volunteered at the museum, and for coordinating our volunteers to ensure that our buildings are open to the public. Your research and documentation of the history of Moultonborough must be recognized as a major contribution to the community and to the mission of the Moultonborough Historical Society.
We honor you and thank you!

Judy Ryreson Award

Art Show

People’s Choice Winners

First Prize -  Brian Hatt
Second Prize  - Carole Smith
 Third Prize  - Lorrane Galeriewictz 

We would like to thank all of the Crafters and Artists that came to help make the day an complete success.

First the Artists - Susan Harpes, Diane Godout, Carola Smith, Betsy Mosey, Brian Hatt, Ken Ganem, Barbara Ganem, Anna McIntyre, Marge Ramage, Phyllis Prouty, Richard Herorux, Lorrane Galeriewictz, Christine George, Jaimie Mudgett, Lynne Clifford, Anne Hutchins, Noel Ainerocw, Susan Therriault, Sheryl Lively.

Next we would like to thank all of the Crafters.
Sandra Welton, Lynda Schmalberge, Jan Pressett, Rosemary Winslow,Paul Sodaro, Barbara Kohls and Donna Libby.

The show was a great success and we are already working on next years event.

Click on a picture below to see a larger view.


Here are some pictures from Old Home Day 2011. Enjoy

Click on a picture to see a larger copy.

This year we had crafter in the Old Moultonborough Town House.

The Town House was used for the Crafters.
Crafters setting up in the Town House.
Coffee time Time for coffee and donuts.
It was nice to see the Middle Neck School House open.
Visitors were going from building to building enjoying the complex.
Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped us out throughout the day.
Karel Hayes
Karel Hayes - Author/Illustrator of new book, The Summer Visitors and Illustrator of The Witches - A Winnipesaukee Adventure signing from 10-12 during Old Home Day.

Here Karel is signing her book "The Witches" for Meca.
Thank You Karel.
Enjoying Strawberry Shortcake, ice cream, lemonade, hotdog, and more.
Our Andy Bover manning the grill.
Dick Plaistead and Lee Huston in the Emerson barn.
We had many visitors in museum with lots of question on Moultonborough History.
Railroad Express Railroad Express
David Thompson David Thompson of Railroad Express.
Railrosd Express setting up fpr old home day Brian and Blair Thompson getting ready to perform.
Jim Barnes playing in the daisies Jim Barnes playing in the daisies.
Fran Vincent setting up the bake sale tent Fran Vincent at the Bake Sale Tent.
Bake Sale is ready to go.
It was great to see the face painters back again this year.
Meca was sad that she missed them.
We had some nice vintage cars and trucks show up.
Nancy Thompson with one of her many grandchildren.
Our President Kathleen Garry getting ready to present flower as special thanks to Fran Vincent and Tracey Russett.
Fran Vincent Special Thank You Fran Vincent Special Thank You.
Fran and Tracey Special thanks to Fran Vincent and Tracey Russett.
Thank You Judy.


Here are some videos of "Railroad Express" also known as the "Thompson Family Band" from Old Home Day 2011.

David Thompson, Brian Thompson, and Blair Thompson.   Enjoy

Railroad Express Part 1

Railroad Express Part 2

Railroad Express Part 3

Railroad Express Part 4

Check Out Our Raffle Winners

The following are the winners of the different raffle prizes. 

1/2 cord of Wood from Miracle Farms  -  Bea Edgar
Necklace from "Adornments of Meredith"  -  Lynne Clifford
$25.00 Gift Cert. from Innisfree Bookshop  -  George Myers  
$25.00 Gift Cert. from Giuseppe's Pizzeria  -  Bob Keith
2-18 holes of Golf from Ridgewood  -  Erika Ryan
$25.00 Gift Cert. from Tanger Outlet  -  Alice Capowski
$10.00 Giff Cert. from Ben & Jerry’s  -  Jerry McIntire
5 Car Washes from Village Car Wash  -  Jen Lively
2 Large Cheese Pizzas from Pizza Factory  -  Ed Guard
$25.00 Gift Cert. from T'Bones  -  Robert Frasier
Moulton Farm's Veggie Basket  -  Robert Patenaude
$25.00 Gift Cert. from Country Drummer Jewelers  -  Susan Hoch
$25.00 Gift Cert. from Shaw's  -  Alice Capowski
$25.00 Gift Cert. from Kellerhaus -  Susan Jilcoyne
$100.00 Saving Bond from Meredith Village Saving Bank  -  Donna Hevern $50.00 Gift Cert, from Bayswater Book - Lamprey Realtors 
-  Kitty Ford Schugrne
$50.00 Savings Bond from Laconia Savings Bank  -  Robert Zewski