Private Clinton A. Shaw

Clinton A Shaw Clinton A Shaw Civil War Photo


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Company G

12th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry Regiment

   Clinton Shaw answered President’s Abraham Lincoln’s call for troops of April 15, 1861, by joining the Laconia Volunteers State Militia on April 22, 1861. He was age 30 at the time, but told the Army he was 25 years old. Clinton re-enlisted on May 22, 1861 for 8 years State Service.

   A Belknap County, and surrounding towns, began forming an Infantry regiment in August 1862, and like many of the Laconia Volunteers, Clinton signed up for the regiment. This time he told the Army his age was 27, when he was actually 31 years old. 

  Shaw served in the 12th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry Regiment for its entire existence, from Muster In, at Concord, September 1862, till the Regiment was Mustered Out, in Richmond, VA, June 21, 1865. This regiment fought in some of the biggest battles of the war: Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Mine Explosion, Bermuda Hundred, and marched into Richmond the day it fell, April 3, 1865. The regiment was overrun at Chancellorsville and almost at Gettysburg. In all this, the records indicate that Shaw was never wounded. He also was not promoted above Private.

 Clinton A. Shaw’s Civil War rifle

   At the Battle of Chancellorsville, the 12th New Hampshire was in the unfortunate spot on the battlefield where Confederate General “Stone Wall” Jackson made his famous surprise flank attack, on May 2nd, 1863. The 12th New Hampshire was credited with being one of the very few regiments that stood it’s ground, rather than run from the surprised attack, and withdrew to the superior force in “proper order”. Their gallantry cost them to incur the highest casualties of any Union Regiment in the entire battle. They had a confirmed 41 Killed, 213 Wounded, and 63 Missing (most of these were killed and not identified in the enemy occupied territory).

   During this battle, Clinton A. Shaw’s rifle was hit by a bullet in the riffle butt, shattering the rifle, but saving his life. Shaw dropped what was left of his rifle, and picked up one of the many rifles scattered on the battlefield, and used it for the remainder of the war. This is the rifle he picked up on that battlefield.

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Clinton Shaw Rifle

Clinton A. Shaw - Rifle

Clinton Shaw Bayonet

Bayonet and Sheath (1863-1865) Donated by Howard Shaw

Clinton Shaw Powder canister and shot pouch

Powder Canister and shot pouch.

Private Clinton Shaw

Private Clinton Shaw on right (Photo from David Oliver)

Private Clinton Shaw's Discharge paper from June 21st, 1865

Private Clinton A Shaw's Discharge paper from June 21st, 1865

Clinton A Shaw Discharge Papers BACK

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 After the War

    Clinton A. Shaw returned to Moultonborough after the war, and lived in the house on Old Route 109, across from the Lee Road entrance. He had two wives, Sarah J. (1850 – 1882) and Alminer (1852 – 1933). Clinton died October 23, 1902, at the age of 71. He and his two wives are buried in town, at the Lee Cemetery, located next to the Woodshed Restaurant parking lot, on Lees Mills Road, less than a mile from his house. 

Drop by the Moultonborough Historical Society Museum and check out the
Clinton A. Shaw display.
Pictured here with the display is Clinton Shaw's Great Great Grand Daughter - Meca Atkinson.
Clinton Shaw Daisplay with Meca Atkinson
Display frame with pictures of
Clinton A. Shaw and his two wives.
Pocket New Testament - This was carried by Clinton A. Shaw during the Civil War. Newspaper clipping inside reads " Marriages - In Laconia, August 6 by Wm. N. Blair, Esq., Mr. Clinton A. Shaw to Sarah J. Brown both of Moultonboro'."
Soldiers Hymn Book
This was carried by Mr. Shaw during the Civil War, the inscription inside reads " Clinton A. Shaw, Co. G., 12th Regiment, N.H. Volunteers Camp Falmouth, V.A. March 1863"
Clinton Shaw Display Frame
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Gravestones of

 Clinton A. Shaw
May 8, 1831 - Oct. 23, 1902

Alminer Shaw
Jan. 12, 1852 - Dec. 20, 1933
Gravestone of Clinton A. Shaw
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Clinton Shaw and family from the 1900 census, "Twelth Census of the United States" 9th of June, 1900
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Clinton Shaw listed in the 1850 census. August 20th, 1850
It looks like Clinton Shaw was living with Peter B. Garland at the time. He is also listed as being 13 years old and in school.
Clinton Shaw 1850 census record
Clinton Shaw second marriage Sept, 17. 1882
to Alminer Smith of Moultonborough. They were married in Moultonborough by B. Byrne.

Clinton and Alminer had three children


I believe that Clinton had a child with his first wife - Sarah J. Brown
Clinton Shaw second Marriage record Sept 17 1882
Clinton A. Shaw's death record from Oct. 23rd, 1902 at the age of 70 years, 5 months, and 15 days. Clinton Shaw 1902 death record
Record of the birth of Clinton Shaw's first child on March 24th, 1876. Mother listed as Sarah Shaw.
Child not listed in the 1900 census.
Clinton A. Shaw first child
July 27th, 1886
Ida I. Shaw
Clinton A. Shaw 2rd child
Howard Shaw
Born April 26, 1890
Clinton A. Shaw 3rd child