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Online Museum A Town History 1777 - 1796  
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Moultonborough Historical Society's
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First Missionary Baptist Church of Moultonborough NEW June 2017
 Church History - 1960 to 1994

Town Charter of 1763 Charter Members of the
Moultonborough Historical Society
Farming in Moultonborough
By Ed Person of Ledgewood Farm
July 9, 2012
Oral Histories and Audio Files
Listen to files from our Audio Archives as well as interviews and Oral Histories.
Compiled by Members of Moultonboro Grange, No. 197
Memorial Day Parade - May 28, 2012
MCS 6th Grade Essays
The History of Moultonborough
1600 - 1930

You can view or download and save the complete file here.
The History of Moultonborough 1600 - 1930.pdf

Moultonboro Central School - Graduation Exercises Programs from 1955,1962, 1963, and 1964
(PDF File)
The Moultonborough Grange #197
We now have every room in the Grange photographed in 360 degrees. So click here and take a tour.
Ice Harvesting Tools
Tools used by a lifelong resident of Moultonborough, Mr. Fred Davis (1915 -1989) and the crew he worked with in the 1930's
Video presentation by Josh Bartlett
Names and Uses of Old Tools
By John Oliver
June 11, 2012
Folklore: The Devil and the General Historical Cruise of Moultonborough Bay 
MHS Moultonborough Bicentennial 1963

Photo Album by Gordon King of Meredith NH
Moultonborough Notable Burials
Moultonborough Town Reports
PDF Files
 Civil War Tidbits
Chartering and Incorporation of Moultonborough by Bruce Garry 4th of July Parade - 2012 
History of Memorial Day in Town Gen Logan and Memorial Day

Business Directory of Moultonborough 1991/92

Steamboats Around the Bend 
By David Thompson - Sept. 13, 1993
Old Postcards of Moultonborough
By Dick Wakefield - April 9, 2012
Moultonborough Historical Society
Live Video Stream (When Available)
Webcam Now Online
History of the Lakes Region Ice Racing Club 
by Jack Cook
November 12, 2012
 Private Clinton A. Shaw
2005 6th Grade Poem Contest Winners Corp. Joseph F. Wentworth
Killed in Action at Gettysburg
July 2rd 1863
Old Home Day Aug. 7, 2010 Dollhouse Collection of Pat Lamprey
Old Home Day Aug. 6, 2011 Concert in Memory Of Roger A. Kelly
Monte Carlo Night Oct. 2, 2010 Memorial Day Parade 2011
Monte Carlo Night Oct. 1, 2011

History of the Lee's Mill Area 
Written by Mildred C. Larson in April 1959

History of Electric Co-op Know Your History Museum
Winchester Repeating Arms Rifle Collection MHS Open House June 25th, 2011
4th of July Parade 2011   The Camps at Lee's Mill  


James E. French  (1845 – 1919) Moultonborough, New Hampshire, and the Constitutions by Jane Rice
Moultonborough Fire Department - 1934
 1937 Fire truck

Moultonboro Volunteer Fire Department

Celebrating 50 Years of Community Service 1933 - 1983

Booklet produced in 1983.PFD file

New Insights on the History of
History of Red Hill By Jane Rice
Post Offices in Moultonborough  MHS Newsletter Archive 
History of the Moultonborough Lions Club  Claude Rains 
Moultonborough Cemetery Records Music Fest 2011 
Alonzo Bragg - Boston Cane Holder
Nov. 5, 1932 - July 5, 1940
WMUR Channel 9 at MHS
Marion Goodwin Scrapbooks (PDF Files)
These are large files so they may take awhile to download.
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
1949 Town House Guestbook
PDF file
Lands In New Hampshire - 1896 
State of New Hampshire - Township Grants of Lands in New Hampshire Included in the MASONIAN PATENT - Issued Subsequent to 1746 by the Masonian Proprietary.
A History of Long Island
by Jane Rice - December 2004
Plan of Moultonboro 1764 (Map) Local Panoramas (Microsoft Photosynth)
Plan of Moultonboro Map 1  
Plan of Moultonboro Map 2  
1892 Map of Moultonborough