MHS Kids Corner with Meca

by Meca Atkinson

Meca Atkinson - Kids Corner

Meca wanted to do something to help get kids interested in local history so we decided to do short videos showing stuff of interest to kids. This is her first video on how to use an old typewriter. 
Please let Meca and Dad know what you think and if you have any ideas on future shows.

~~Meca & Dad~~

Moultonborough Historical Society's

"History Minute with Meca Atkinson"

2015 Season

Moultonborough History Minute - Introduction w/ Meca Atkinson.
Published on Jun 20, 2015
This year Meca will be producing a number of short videos on Moultonborough and it's history.
This is the first in the series with Meca introducing the project.
Please keep an eye out for more videos to follow.
Antique Squirt Gun

Published on Jun 20, 2015
Old Squirt Gun from the Homestead Farm here in Moultonborough. Donated by Lyman Brown.


Antique Baby Walker
Published on Jun 21, 2015
Memorial Garden Project
Published on Jun 28, 2015
Join us in raising funds to help pay for renovation and improvements at our museum complex while creating a lasting memory at the same time! Buy a brick to commemorate an event, honor a family member, advertise your business, or memorialize a loved one. Join in our community effort to continue to preserve the history of Moultonborough. The bricks will be incorporated into the landscaping and walkways around the Lamprey House Museum and by participating in our project you will help us acknowledge members and friends of our unique and special community.
A Tour of the Middle Neck School House with Meca and Sarah Smith
Published on Jul 12, 2015
Meca Atkinson gives Sarah Smith a tour of the Middle Neck Schoolhouse here vat the Moultonborough Historical Society Complex.
We Have Something For Everyone Here at the Lamprey House Museum
Published on Jul 31, 2015

Here at the Moultonbough Historical Society we have a little something for everyone. Drop on by.
Produced for the Moultonborough Historical Society
by Meca & Norman Atkinson.


New Video # 7 - Moultonborough Woman's Club

No Bake Cookies by Robert Huston age 11 - 1972

In this episode of Kids Corner Meca makes Oatmeal No Bake cookies from a 1972 cookbook printed by the Moultonborough Woman's Club. The recipe is from Robert Huston who was 11 years at the time. Meca also give a short history of the Moultonborough Woman's Club.
Thank you to the Moultonborough Woman's Club for helping to write the script and for some of the photographs.
Thank you also to Robert Huston for both the recipe and a special guest appearance.
Filmed, Directed, and edited by Meca and Norman Atkinson.

Moultonborough Historical Society
April 25th, 2014


October 1, 2013 - "Interview with Norman R. Atkinson"

In this episode of Kids Corner, Meca does her first interview. She interviews the Director of the Lamprey House Museum and her Dad - Norman Atkinson.

September 10, 2013 - "How to Open a Safe"

Around the first of September of 2013, Joanne and Paul Cummings donated the safe that was used at the"Ralph E. Goodwin" store. It was there from about 1915 - 1953. Meca's grandmother worked there around 1940. The store is now owned by the Holden Family and you would Know it as "The old Country Store".

At the end of the video, Meca shows you how to open an old safe.



August 30, 2013 - "The Middle Neck School House"

In this episode of Kids Corner Meca talks about the Middle Neck School House here next to the Lamprey House Museum. Learn a litlle about the school house and what it was like to go to school there.


August 14, 2013 - "Horseboat Treadmill at the Emerson Barn"

In this episode of Kids Corner Meca talks about the history of horseboat on Lake Winnipesaukee. The Moultonborough Historical Society has one of only a few remaining horse treadmills left in the counntry.

7/28/2013 - "How To Use An Old Fashioned Typewriter"
Here is the first of Meca's Youtube videos.
In this first video Meca shows us how to use an old fashioned typewriter.

Here is the second of Meca's Kids Corner Youtube videos.
In this second video Meca shows us

"Pat Lamprey's Grey Dollhouse."

Video by: Norman and Meca Atkinson